About Duratec NC

Duratec NC MX5 Miata Eunos

Welcome to Duratec NC, so named as I specialise in two things; Duratec/MZR engines (all types of I4) and the MX-5 Mk3 NC models. For those who didn’t know, one lives inside the other.

Duratec NC is based near Colne.

The business was set up to bridge the gap between your average Duratec engine builder who wants £10k before getting out of bed and the NC owner who wants that bit extra and to bring the two together.

Therefore the main of what I do (or wish I could more often!) is create track and fast road cars from Mk3 MX-5s with high output naturally aspirated engines in them.

I also do servicing and general work on the aforementioned cars and also rebuild Duratec 4 cylinder engines for these cars and others.

If you would like to make a purchase, have an engine built or rebuilt then please contact me, if you want help and advice then the Blog may help or try one of the various forums and Facebook pages.

The Mazda MZR or Duratec engine (as used in this MX-5 and other cars) is a fantastic engine. If treated properly, specified and built correctly is capable of high mileage and large amounts of power.

My strengths are under the bonnet, not really behind the wheel, nor am I a salesman, although we do get out and test our car on track to the maximum so I can say with some certainty that a product will work and is fit for purpose. Your car is probably your hobby, my time and my hands are my work, please remember this, although not a lot of people understand it for some reason and expect me to work for nothing.

Due to recent relocation to North East Lancs I currently have no workshop therefore for the next year or two will only be doing parts sales.

I do have a rather dry, tongue-in-cheek sense of humour too 😉

More facts and further reading on the blog here: http://www.duratecnc.co.uk/?cat=1