Month: August 2019

  • Technical: The 2.5 Duratec I4

    There is no shortage of myths and rubbish written about the 2.5 litre 4 cylinder Duratec, here are some facts. Whenever something goes wrong with an NC engine someone always says ‘fit a 2.5’ even in the UK where they are rare and expensive compared to the US, where they have read about how cheap […]

  • Novice: How to read a dipstick

    I didn’t think i’d ever have to write this, but here we go: This is what a clean dipstick looks like, the two raised lines going across it are high and low level. This is what they look like after you’ve wiped it clean or when your engine has no oil in it (not uncommon) […]

  • Novice/Intermediate: Knock knock and oil, the Achilles heel of the MZR/Duratec engine.

    Knock knock, who is there? It’s the conrod and bearing, if you keep on starting the car or driving it’ll pop out to say hello. If your engine is rattling or knocking try this test: When the engine is idling if you rev the engine gently and it makes a rhythmic knock on the overrun […]

  • Buyers guide or new owners? A few things you should know about the NC.

    This is a bit of a (sometimes) tongue-in-cheek article about people who don’t do research and when online forums and FB pages become boring and repetitive, don’t take that too seriously, everyone has their place in the community and new people are coming on board all the time. Do take the facts seriously though, they […]