DuratecNC ROAD Gearbox oil £24 for 2 litres.

DuratecNC TRACK Gearbox oil £28 for 2 ltrs.

Specially formulated it makes those cold changes much better, it really does work, lasts for 20,000 road miles. We recommend changing the oil after approx 5 full race meetings or around 10 trackdays.

We are now supplying this to MX5 racers. We track tested it under duress and it works great. If you’ve ever rammed that shift through on track and had it crunch, baulk, bend rods, broken shifters etc then it’s highly possible it was caused by the synchro hubs not acting properly or quickly enough to change gears. If your ‘box is broken this won’t fix it! It will however allow very slick high speed changes which then goes on to prevent other damage.

A 2 pack alternative is also available for £50. This contains 2 litres of detergent oil and 2 litres of our gearbox oil. What you do is put pack one in and run it for 25 – 50 miles (or more if you wish) of mixed driving conditions and feel the changes get better as the synchros and gears etc are cleaned of deposits and the remainder of the old oil is dissolved, then drop it out. Fill with pack 2 (the final oil) and that’s it, job done.

Which pack should you choose? Sorry I can’t advise, the choice has to be yours based on budget, how bad you think your ‘box is and how easy it is for you to do two changes.

It’s like using a flushing oil on your engine, some people like to, others don’t.

The problem is we are talking about something which is difficult to gauge or quantify as we can’t actually measure it, that thing is gearchange feel and human nature. We have done both types and had very positive feedback on both so the choice has to be yours.

One thing is for sure, those horrible cold changes are made 100% easier very early on in the process and it just gets better and better the warmer the gearbox gets. We have had no negative feedback, none whatsoever.

We did an independent Facebook test whereby I offered a discount to a random punter who would report back on the results. We purposely did the test in Jan 2021 when the temps were zero and below for a few weeks as I wanted it tested in the coldest conditions we have. So he did the test and reported back to the FB group, the oil had done it’s stuff and he said his changes were much, much better, right from the off on a very cold Winters morning.

Lightweight balanced Cromo flywheel 3.5 kg £320

Fits all models of NC and noticeably improves acceleration from a standstill.

Aluminium gearchange slider blocks £25 per set of 3. A better fit than the original plastic ones and won’t break like they can on hard used track gearboxes. Can be easily fitted when the box is out.

All prices include VAT.