DuratecNC is currently based in Batley, West Yorks.

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Outside of the Blog DuratecNC is not a free advisory service, I do have to earn a living 🙂

    Email is always the best form of communication.

    Telephone us from the UK on 01924 359 311 or 07469443147. The 01924 number will expire sometime in 2021 as we are hoping to move somewhere else.

    07469443147 should remain and takes incoming calls only, please don’t text as I can’t return them.

    I must apologise in advance, but the landline is not always answered due to not hearing it, there is an answering service on it so please leave a message. The later it gets in the day, the more likely it will be answered.

    Payments via Paypal, bank transfer or good old cash.

    Some reading which answers many questions:

    Is your engine knocking or rattling? Does it use lots of oil? Read here:

    If you’re coming in for some work doing and have a notchy, difficult (when cold) 6 speed gearbox ask about our oil and we’ll change it for you. Specially formulated for us it makes those cold changes much better.