MX5 NC Mk3 cars for sale

Good honest cars from good honest people!

Please read all the descriptions carefully, they contain a lot of information.

All cars are available ‘As is’ to drive away with full MOTs (as of time of writing). All can be added to with bigger brakes, exhausts, different wheels, suspension etc before collection if needed, but many are supplied as an engine with the rest of the car to be done by you, to your taste, at your leisure or as budget allows.

Currently for sale:

Black BBR200 2006 ***Sold***

‘A star in a reasonably priced car’

For sale: Stormy blue 1.8 with highly modified 2.5 litre engine fitted, read about it here:

2010 Sportech

Currently up for sale is my own car 🙁

2010 Sportech

It’s going as I don’t use it enough and will use it even less in the near future due to an impending house and workshop move, i’ll need the money to help fund that.

2010 2ltr Sportech in unmarked Metropolitan Grey. Multiple air bags, air-con, cruise, Bose, LSD etc.

If you want something special, something reliable, something worth nurturing and looking after to really hold its value then this is the car for you. As you may know these later models have an improved engine map (more low down torque and no flat spot), improved engine internals (pistons, forged rods and crank, stronger valve springs) meaning it doesn’t suffer from the oil problems of the earlier models and revs 500 rpm higher.

When I wanted a Mk3 (NC) for my own use I went looking for something of the highest quality I could find and when this came up I had to have it. I didn’t want something that needs fixing all the time (I do enough of that as a job!) It had had just Summer use by both previous middle aged owners and it shows. I’ve seen no end of rusty MX5s from the view you don’t see – the underside and this certainly isn’t one of them. Being a motor engineer and engine builder I’m fastidious with my cars and this has never seen a Winter in my use either, I just use my van. It’s been cavity wax injected with Dinitrol and all the bits underneath which Mazda missed have been properly treated and sealed up.

There isn’t a great deal to say about the car as it’s standard, service history up to date with receipts, no dodgy mods and in perfect condition. Serviced every year well ahead of Mazdas schedule with a new filter and fully synthetic motorsport oil. Never seen a track in its life, all transmission fluids were also changed a while back so don’t need doing. As you can see the only non standard items are the unmarked black powder coated wheels. It’s currently on 48500 miles and a recent MOT until December 2021. Just had an oil and filter change, 4 new tyres, roof sealed/treated and a thermostat. It’s always had floor mats fitted so the carpet isn’t worn.

£7250. Situated in West Yorks


You will find cheaper, you won’t find better and cheaper.