Modified engine parts 1


ARP head studs all models & engine sizes standard thread: £160

Supertech valves

+1mm Inlet x 8 £200

+1mm Exhaust x 8 £200

Valve springs

Uprated Mazda beehive springs. These are for use with 7000 rpm engines with a max cam lift of 11 mm and will use the standard retainers. Price for 8: £80

These are mainly used to bring early 7000rpm engines up to the later 7500 spec. Useful if you race a stock 2.0.

Uprated valve springs, for up to 8500 rpm and 12mm lift, the price is for 8 springs and retainers as the original retainer is too long and does not fit these springs £160

VVT Camshafts for 2.0, 2.3 and 2.5

Many profiles available and in stock £650

Crankshaft keying

Keys the 3 main crank pulleys to the crank to stop them from slipping on high rpm powerful engines £Ask

Crank bearings

Rods/big end

Bimetal: £

Trimetal: £

Main bearings

Bimetal £

Trimetal £

Updated crank mounted chain pulley with grooved or serrated mounting faces to prevent slipping, genuine Ford part. Do not fit this with diamond washers £50

Genuine Ford timing chain £80

Underdrive pulley £173

The OE pulley weighs nearly 2kg, this one weighs 720g and is a smaller diameter so the water pump and alternator run at a sensible speed at high rpm. This is for track use only and for engines which spend most of their time between 4000 and 8500 rpm. Using the standard item over-spins the driven components in this rev range reducing their effectiveness and sapping power.