Engine Build and head porting

We can port your head and build your engine to whatever spec (bhp) you require. The MX-5 NC had arguably the best engines of all – the Mazda designed Duratec I4. Not only is it capable of great reliability and power outputs it came in 4 different capacities; 1.8, 2.0, 2.3 and 2.5. This is where things get interesting – they all look similar externally and are interchangeable with some minor modifications. Everyone’s needs are different from a remap to a highly tuned two litre, budget 2.3, very rare 2.4 or a more expensive 2.5 we can do it. If you want to read more technical articles the Blog is here: http://www.duratecnc.co.uk/?cat=1

Porting is done in-house with shapes developed on our own flow bench.

View through modified inlet ports, this head is capable of 300bhp with the correct accompanying components.
High compression 2.4 pistons.